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Author: Diamond Atlas | August 16, 2021

Breaking Through Fear and Unlocking the Future

For almost 100 years, athletes tried to run a mile in under four minutes and all of them failed. It was deemed an impossible feat. However, in 1954, Roger Bannister broke the barrier by running a mile in three minutes, 59 seconds. Only 45 days later, another runner accomplished the same feat. Since then over 1,400 humans have followed suit.

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A Pivotal Point

Psychological limitations and fear of the unknown often hinder human-kind in progression and exploration of unchartered waters. Through societal pressure, many individuals pursue a path met with little resistance—a path that conforms with normalcy. In the last generation, we have seen pioneers of technology question what is, what could, and what should be, by building life-changing innovations.

At this moment the worlds of technology and finance have arrived at a pivotal point: the creation of a truly decentralized financial system and an opportunity that will benefit its pioneers, early adopters, and eventually the eight billion people in this world.

Realizing Obstacles to Mass Adoption by Earning Trust and Mitigating Risk

Conventional monetary policies have inflated traditional assets beyond their fundamental value and created false expectations of product utility. At the same time crypto assets, although having seen relatively increased demand, have not yet reached maturity and are still far from mass acceptance. Investors want to know who and what they can trust.

Diamond Atlas Capital understands trust must be earned, especially in a new space that is relatively unfamiliar to the majority of people. Would-be investors are looking at the monetary value of crypto, as well as for assurance that these enhanced financial resources will be sustainable.

To grow demand and earn the support of stakeholders, risk must be mitigated. At Diamond Atlas, we build stakeholder trust by removing the obstacles withholding mass adoption, in order to unlock the true potential of Web 3.0 innovations.

Diamond Atlas: Navigating the Landscape

What We Do: Navigating the Landscape

Diamond Atlas is a venture capital firm realizing the power of Web3 technology through transformational projects backed by a full range of professional services. We invest at the pre-seed and seed phase of project development with companies solving unanswered problems that challenge traditional business models and status quo thinking. We focus on real-world use cases with teams centered around exceptional user experience and adoption. Diamond Atlas is dedicated to guiding the development of Web 3.0 and decentralized finance to create intrinsic and sustainable value.

We task ourselves with finding the hidden gems and help cast them into mold-breaking companies that redefine the standards of their industries.

Our aim is to change the future of Web 3.0 technology and open finance. We are not interested in “get rich quick schemes” but rather sustainable, valuable growth.

Who We Are: Experience and Diversity Are Our Strengths

Our team is the voice of reason and the way finder for our community into the future of finance. We’ve been involved in the industry for several years and have learned how to earn trust and demonstrate integrity to our stakeholders. Our backgrounds are in many fields, including finance(traditional and DeFi), corporate business, product management, technical integration, analytics, and digital marketing.

Our diversity is our strength. We understand that success in Web 3.0 adoption means addressing problems from multiple angles and changing tactics when innovations emerge. The Diamond Atlas team supports teams at every stage of development. We perform in-depth fundamental and technical diligence far beyond analyzing whitepapers. We compile code, deploy test applications, participate in testnets, run nodes to inspect the protocol, and interact with teams throughout the investment life cycle.

Whether you have a game-changing proposal, require additional market exposure, or are in need of additional capital resources, we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Fortune Favors the Brave

Diamond Atlas looks for projects that align with our core principles in order to have a long-term impact. At our core, we value:

Core Value: Integrity


We believe in an open, decentralized internet, and we seek to partner with innovators and technologists who believe in that freedom and openness too. We build trust in a space where trust can be scarce.

Core Value: Quality


Success takes more than just having a good idea. It means executing on that idea with diligence and seeing it through to completion. We think beyond short-term gains to help our partners achieve long-term results and rewards.

Core Value: Transparency


We are open and honest with our partners and ensure our counsel and communications are forthright, transparent, and actionable. We may deliver more than we promise, but we never promise more than we can deliver.

Core Value: Collaboration


We know working together is the best way to make an impact in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. We give our partners full access to our resources and strategically connect them to new partners for synergistic possibilities.

We Will Continue to Search for Undiscovered Paths

The ever-growing Web 3.0 industry is providing infinite opportunity for success. Our mission is to collaborate with select innovators and visionaries who are deserving of trust, to harness the true potential of Web 3.0 technology. We will continue to search for undiscovered paths while continuing to bring clarity to those areas that are opaque. We believe it’s vital for our stakeholders to confidently understand the “what” and “why” in the opportunities that present themselves.

If you are building the next big thing in Web 3.0 or developing an innovative product in another industry, feel free to reach out to our team and collaborate with us for enduring success. If you would like to be part of pioneering this technology and receive the benefits of investing in it, connect with us. Let’s transform the industry together.

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