Supporting Innovators

Our Approach

We invest in companies building innovative technology and solving unanswered problems. We focus on real-world use cases with teams focused on building exceptional user experience and unprecedented adoption.

We are ready to support visionaries at any stage of development.

Getting a great idea off the ground takes capital, especially with Web 3.0 and other innovative ventures.


If you have a game-changing proposal and the drive to make it happen, we provide the funding and connections you need to realize your vision.


If you've built a market-ready product and need exposure to take it to the next level, we can maximize your impact.

Product journey

If you need specific capital support (options, equity, compute resources, etc.) at any point in your process, we can facilitate that too.

Our Process: We perform in-depth fundamental and technical diligence far beyond reading a whitepaper and documentation. We put in the extra effort to enact our own product and technical analysis through extensive testing, data sourcing, code review, inspections, run nodes, and communication across investment timelines.

Selected Portfolio

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