Aleph Zero



Aleph Zero is a dynamic, developer-focused, Proof of Stake (POS) scalable network that brings private smart contracts to a public blockchain.

To achieve this, Aleph Zero has developed a public network with innovative privacy features, building trust within the enterprise market on the basis of its peer-reviewed consensus protocol, Trail of Bits audit, Substrate integration, and engaged and amazing community.

Key Features

Aleph Zero Network Attributes

  • Technical Innovation: Aleph Zero utilizes an original peer-reviewed consensus protocol and integrates with the Substrate stack, solving the shortcomings of existing distributed ledger technology platforms (i.e. validation time, speed, security, and scalability).
  • Enterprise Interconnectivity: Thanks to its versatility, Aleph Zero allows utilization of both public ledger and private network that connects to the public ledger. This allows entities to build decentralized applications that benefit from the speed and security of a public distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform while still preserving the integrity and privacy of their transactions. The interconnectivity of Aleph Zero’s ecosystem of decentralized networks and applications is scalable on a commercial enterprise level.
  • Web 3.0 Adoption: With the inevitable emergence of Web 3.0, the future of e-commerce will change dramatically. Aleph Zero is poised to lead this revolution. The adoption of networks that are led by consensus and decentralized protocols, together with Web 3.0 technology, will be the foundation of the rise of peer-to-peer networks and will facilitate their daily use on a micro-payment level.

Innovative Use Cases


Product: In addition to currently available products, several more products are currently under development and expected to be released between now and the end of 2024:

    • Aleph Zero — an infrastructure layer consisting of an original consensus protocol (AlephBFT) with Substrate integration
    • Smart contracts — public and private capabilities.
    • Liminal ZK — private interchain bridge.
    • Common — a DEX and a universal wallet that eliminates front-running challenges.
    • Liminal — a framework for private DeFi.
  • Team: Aleph Zero’s core team consists of over twenty members including five math and computer science PhDs. This stellar team has several major academic accomplishments, including reaching the ACM ICPC (Association for Computing Machinery—International Collegiate Programming Contest) World Finals, achieving first prize in the International Mathematics Competition, and receiving a Simons-Berkeley Research Fellowship. The team’s commercial experience comes from a broad spectrum of globally successful firms including IBM, Cap Gemini, and ING Bank.
  • Privacy: As blockchains increase in popularity, there will be a growing need for cost effective and efficient interconnectivity between public and private networks. Speed and cost should, however, not be sacrificed for security and privacy. Aleph Zero’s product Liminal guarantees client data is both secure and private through a hybrid setup using both ZK-Snarks and sMPC protocols.
  • Programs & Enterprise Adoption: Aleph Zero is currently working on several decentralized finance (DeFi) use cases, as well as enterprise pilot programs in the healthcare and automotive verticals. The overall goal of Aleph Zero is to enable enterprises and small and midsize businesses to utilize the benefits of decentralization while still communicating at a rate close to what is expected with regular internet communications.

Summary of Tokenomics

DAC Outlook

Built for the Internet of the Future

What fundamentally separates Aleph Zero from its competitors is that it was built by a world-class team that aims to reach mass adoption of Web 3.0, the next generation of the internet. The team consists of individuals from both academic and industry backgrounds, and we believe they have designed the most innovative protocol in the business with an algorithm that is unmatched in its sophistication.

Their private DeFi framework Liminal offers a distinctly software-centric privacy solution. Liminal allows client data to remain anonymous while also facilitating miniscule transaction fees, making it an efficient, secure hub for connecting blockchains that is nothing short of revolutionary. This is essential groundwork for the future of the internet.

An Ecosystem with Limitless Potential

Another unique advantage Aleph Zero offers is that they operate in concert with, not in opposition to, companies that could be seen as their competitors. Their collaborative approach has helped them establish an asynchronous, DAG-based consensus algorithm that is uniquely scalable.

This, along with the privacy of smart contracts and commitment to building a multichain world, makes Aleph Zero tailor-made for enterprise adoption. With transactions that are not only exceptionally fast but incredibly inexpensive and completely private, a plan to build a trustless universal wallet, and a secure decentralized platform, Aleph Zero is a remarkably innovative technology with an extremely solid foundation and a virtually limitless growth trajectory.

The Transaction and Trustless Layer of the Internet

Aleph Zero Network is solving longstanding problems with unprecedented efficiency and could be laying the foundation for a new economic landscape built on transparency, security, and Web 3.0 technology. If they gain wide adoption, they could change the way the public, businesses, and even the government execute transactions and communicate.

Aleph Zero Roadmap