Author: Diamond Atlas | December 17, 2021

Diamond Atlas Proudly Partners with Aleph Zero

We’re proud to announce that, in our continuing efforts to propel us forward into an increasingly decentralized future, we’ve established a strategic partnership with Aleph Zero! This dynamic, PoS network uniquely bridges the benefits of a public blockchain with private smart contracts, and we think their highly scalable solution will prove invaluable for users and enterprises.

 We’ve known since day one that Aleph Zero is a perfect fit for our mission and an ideal example of the kind of game-changing innovators who are working hard at improving our world and solving some of the challenges yet to be solved in the Web 3.0 space. We also believe that their team's values, immense knowledge, and desire to address adoption by creating user-friendly products make them as technically proficient as they are vital. Their world-class technical background and products can lead to exponential adoption of Web 3.0.

To learn more about the company and their product, visit our Aleph Zero Portfolio Atlas or see their official partnership announcement on their website. If you’re looking to get involved, help drive adoption, and leverage the opportunity, stake with Diamond Atlas in the near future.

About Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is a PoS public blockchain utilizing private smart contracts and designed for sub second finality, enterprise-level adoption, and DeFi use cases. Their protocol is amplifying our mission of driving Web 3.0 adoption with exceptional scalability, security, and utility.

About Diamond Atlas Capital

Diamond Atlas Capital is a venture capital firm dedicated to driving Web 3.0 adoption by advancing innovations through capital, advisory, and strategic partnerships. They provide the insights, network, and vision needed for Web 3.0 startups to create ground breaking technology. With a commitment to ongoing support, collaboration, and development resources, Diamond Atlas positions tomorrow’s innovators for sustainable growth.

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