XinFin (XDC) Network


Designed for enterprise-level adoption, XinFin (XDC) is a hybrid, open-source blockchain protocol that connects beneficiaries and financiers anywhere in the world and provides them access to efficient, equitable transactions with tokenization.

Combining the strengths of both public and private blockchains and benefiting from a community of dedicated backers, developers, and network utilities, XinFin offers enterprises the ability to decentralize their financial infrastructure with a developer-friendly architecture that can be integrated securely and seamlessly.

XinFin (XDC) Network Attributes

  • XDC Network: XDC’s network addresses inadequacies which are fundamental to common blockchains such as notably slow transactions, high cost of transactions, centralization, and lack of interoperability. To do this, XDC network utilizes methodologies like randomization, smart contract staking, and double validation to cutdown transaction time and costs.
  • R3 Corda: Through a strategic partnership with industry-leading blockchain service provider R3 Corda, XinFin offers interoperability between blockchain networks, allowing parties to transfer values between them. This provides additional privacy, protecting sensitive private data while allowing public data to retain accessibility and verifiability, making XinFin uniquely scalable and readily adoptable.
  • Hybrid Blockchain: XinFin’s hybrid blockchain utilizes tokenization via the $XDC token and leverages the strengths of both public and private blockchains, which offers the dual benefit of heightened privacy and broad accessibility. Members enjoy customization ,transparency, independence, and agency over accessibility in this ecosystem. XinFin’s platform also represents the only current one-click masternode deployment.
  • Smart Contracts: Users initiate a token or crowd sale contract via XinFin-powered dashboard by purchasing XDC tokens via supported exchange platforms and then withdrawing tokens to purchase contract packages. They create a token by setting it to an available standard such as CrowdSale (ERC-20) or Asset Tokenization (NFT) and then create a contract by setting details such as decimals, total supply, and token sale limit. To deploy the contract to the Ethereum Network, they must select their network to connect their wallet from options including Guarda Wallet, Freewallet, XcelPay, and others, and then finalize payment for transaction fees.
  • XinFin (XDC) Protocol: XinFin’s blockchain platform is interoperable and ISO20022 standard compatible, allowing users to connect existing legacy systems and move to a decentralized or distributed system. This also permits access to smart contracts, improving efficiencies for both parties involved in transactions.
  • Trade FinEx: Powered by the XinFin (XDC) Protocol, this platform facilitates direct P2P transactions between financiers and beneficiaries ranging from small businesses to enterprises to government agencies, allowing beneficiaries the opportunity to seek funding from registered financiers.
  • Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS): The XDPoS represents a consensus algorithm, utilizing real-time voting to democratically enable a decentralized, secure transaction nexus. The XDPoS consensus provides a scalable solution to common blockchain issues with lower energy consumption, transaction speeds up to 2,000 TPS, and nearly free transactions.


  • Fostering Independence: XinFin allows users to become self-reliant through the use of accessible, efficient financial systems, freeing them from existing predatory, less reliable, or inefficient fiscal channels.
  • Eliminates Third-Party Reliability: The direct P2P transaction system streamlines transactions, reduces paper waste, enables instant settlements, decreases transaction fees to nearly nothing, helps beneficiaries circumvent exploitative interest payments, and cuts down on overhead while improving access to funding for essential projects.
  • Trusted: Financial institutions, businesses, enterprises, governments, and countries trust XinFin’s decentralized, secure blockchain solution. This position helps secure XinFin’s place as a forerunner in the industry providing access to major global players and underserved communities alike.
  • Sustainable: With transactions requiring a fraction of the kWh of Ethereum and Bitcoin, XinFin’s infrastructure is immensely efficient on a fundamental level, allowing for scalable growth that also retains energy efficiency.
  • Scalable: XinFin maintains multiple on-chain scaling solutions with 185 masternodes and has integrated sharding within the existing architecture and will continue to explore further opportunities to enhance scalability through solutions such as additional hardware integration, plasma and EVM parallelization, and private chain integration.
  • Suite of XinFin Products:
    • XinFinScan: An easy to navigate block explorer for XinFin (XDC) Network offering technical visualizations, network performance metrics, token data, and more useful information for users
    • XinFinStats: Provides valuable Mainnet metrics such as TPS, masternode counts and performance, block and confirmation times, and more
    • XinFinMaster: Known as the 'Governance dApp,’ lists masternodes and candidates and provides a UI for tracking masternode performance and voting as well as a nexus for masternode candidacy with 10,000,000 XDC deposit
    • xdcwallet: Allows users to remit and receive tokens within the XinFin (XDC) Network and provides secure storage and tracking capabilities for associated tokens

Key Development Milestones

  • September 2017: First global cryptocurrency exchange to be officially licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency
  • October 2017: First licensed global cryptocurrency exchange in Japan to launch a global Initial Coin Offering (ICO), also known as the Qash Token Sale
  • November 2017: Raised 350,000 ETH (approximately $105 million) through the sale of 350 million Qash to fund the growth of the Liquid platform
  • September 2018: Quoinex and Qryptos (historical trading platforms) merged and relaunched as Liquid
  • October 2018: Featured in KPMG’s Top Fintech 100 list

Summary of Tokenomics

DAC Outlook

Changing the Global Financial Ecosystem for the Better

As the world’s most developed countries continue to advance their economies at greater rates, the wealth and economic disparities between them and countries with less sophisticated financial and technological infrastructures continue to grow. At the same time, economies, businesses, and governments worldwide are becoming increasingly connected. And so there is a growing need to bridge these gaps in ways that are sustainable, ethical, and reliable.

Insufficient access to reliable financing remains a major obstacle for billions of individuals and small businesses across the globe, massively inhibiting consistent, sustainable economic growth for those who need it most. XinFin’s platform is helping those people circumvent predatory loans, black market exchanges, tenuous cash asset transfers, and other exploitative or unreliable routes to funding their businesses, infrastructure, government agencies, and essential needs.

The Scalability, Interconnectivity, and Efficiency We Need

XinFin’s platform is not only an equitable tool for improving access to essential funding, it’s also an exciting solution for enterprises, businesses, and entire countries. XinFin meets the regulatory, network, and transactional needs of beneficiaries and financiers of every size. By creating a financial ecosystem that connects communities, individuals, and institutions anywhere in the world to sources of financing in a manner that maintains privacy and security without limiting accessibility, XinFin projects to play a key role in maintaining and progressing tomorrow’s global economic landscape.

Through valuable partnerships with trusted providers like R3 Corda and AiX, scalability, interoperability, tokenization, decentralization, and an exchange network that demonstrates off-the-charts levels of energy efficiency, XinFin’s influence, reputation, and value will only increase going forward.